Exercise Project Officer

This is government contract position and is the perfect opportunity to translate military experience and skills. Veterans are strongly encouraged to apply!

Full Benefits Package Available

  • Salary- $110,000 – $118,000
  • Lead position- $125,000 – $130,000

Clearance: Secret required at hiring, but Top Secret Preferred

Education: Bachelor’s degree is required



  • Have current military experience within the last 5-10 years (highly desired).
  • Have a military officer background (preferred); rated and/or logistics experience (highly desired).
  • Have Air Operations Center (AOC) and/or MAJCOM/NAF Staff experience (highly desired).
  • Have at least 3 years of experience planning USAF MAJCOM–level, or equivalent exercises.
  • Have at least 3-years aviation background (Pilot/Navigator/Air Battle Manager/ Aircrew Member) (preferred) to lead planning or conduct Field Training Exercises (FTXs), Command Post Exercises (CPXs), Staff Exercises STAFF-EX) or Table-Top Exercises (TTX) and Engagements involving aviation assets or that are aviation centric.
  • Be familiar with operational and logistical support requirements for exercises, deployments, and mobilizations.
  • Be familiar with the PACAF force structure (i.e., country location, name of Wings and NAFs, type of aircraft assigned, etc.).
  • Have a working knowledge of USINDOPACOM/PACOM Theater Campaign Plan (TCP) and PACAF Strategy.
  • Be effective in verbal and written communications. (e.g. return phone call, email or other communication) to the Government within 12 business hours.
  • Be able to work and lead in a team environment with demonstrated leadership and customer interface skills.
  • Be able to liaise with national-level agencies, DoD, Services, Combatant Commands, and Intelligence Agencies.
  • Have working knowledge of current Microsoft Office applications.
  • Have good analytical skills and be able to operate in a demanding environment while executing multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Knowledge and/or experience with Joint Operation Planning and Execution System (JOPES) and/or Deliberate and Crisis Action Planning and Execution Segments (DCAPES), with experience using these systems while supporting USAF Major Command level (or equivalent) exercises, or significant deployments (i.e. movements of multiple flying units and/or personnel deployments of 200 or more in conjunction with a single event). (Highly desired)
  • Operational and/or logistical experience in the Asia- Pacific Theater (Highly desired)
  • Familiarity with financial nomenclature and documentation as well as the Manpower MPA Man-day Management System (M4S). (Highly desired)
  • Familiarity with standard funding documents, such as Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPRs), AF-616s, and Comptroller Alert Messages (CAM). (Highly desired)
  • Working knowledge of Joint Training Information Management System (JTIMS) and Global Theater Security Cooperation Management Information System (G-TSCMIS) requirements and capabilities and be able to become proficient in using required capabilities with minimal training. (Highly desired)
  • Experience in planning and executing CPXs and FTXs within the INDOPACOM AOR. (Highly desired)




  • Exercise Project Officers (EPO) are tasked to support the PACAF PLANORD listed exercises during the entirety of the “Joint Exercise Life Cycle” (JELC), i.e. from the Concept Development Conference/Initial Planning Conference (or time of assignment) through Execution and the After-Action Review (AAR) process. This entire cycle is referred to as the JELC, and will apply for all JCS and PACAF exercises, events, and engagements.
  • EPOs will adhere to and comply with the Performance Requirements
  • EPOs shall be responsible for formulating, developing, assisting with implementation, and documenting each assigned exercise/engagement. Specifically, the contractor shall plan and organize assigned exercises, estimate costs and funding within assigned budget, and conduct all phases of the exercise planning cycle from the time of assignment through the after-action assessment.
  • EPOs shall coordinate and communicate with other offices and activities (e.g., USINDOPACOM, HQ PACAF, other service components, NAF agencies, Wings, etc.) that have a role in the assigned exercise. EPOs shall coordinate with USAF and/or other service component planners and their staffs to provide guidance, assistance, and training to ensure continuity of effort and the orderly management and execution of the operations and logistics support functions. EPOs shall be required to develop the purpose, objectives and attendee list for exercise planning meetings and conferences in coordination with the designated Lead Planner and PACAF/A37 COR, as well as coordinate the logistical support for those events. The EPO shall analyze and document the effectiveness of exercise planning functions as part of the after-action reporting for assigned exercises.
  • EPOs shall be familiar with historic inter-country relationships, and country specific customs and courtesies while planning PACAF participation in assigned exercises and engagements. Additionally, EPOs will account for current and projected PACAF force structure (i.e., country location, name of Wings and NAFs, type of aircraft assigned, etc.), PACAF roles, responsibilities, force presentation doctrine, and capabilities (i.e. Commander Air Force Forces (COMAFFOR); Joint Forces Air Component Commander (JFACC); Air Operations Center; etc.) when coordinating with partner nations and other service components. These factors will be key to shaping and scoping PACAF participation in the full JELC of exercises/engagements.
  • EPOs are responsible to identify, analyze and resolve contingency issues and errors that arise during the JELC. They will coordinate and communicate with participating units, Wings and MAJCOM staff and leadership to highlight the current and expected issues and socialize Courses of Action (COAs) to mitigate JELC deviations, and ensure issues are resolved.

GCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or national origin.  GCI gives preferential treatment to veterans.




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