GCI Opens New San Antonio, Texas, Office

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October 4, 2012
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April 16, 2013

Because San Antonio, Texas, has become a major hub of government contracting and because GCI currently has personnel working government contracts in the area, GCI today opened a new office at 7400 Blanco Road in San Antonio.

One major advantage of having a permanent office in the San Antonio area, is that it provides a meeting place for GCI’s teaming partners and others from around the world who are visiting the southwestern part of the United States.  It also provides GCI’s government clients with a physical address nearby where they can interact with GCI professional staff at any time.  A GCI controller and a medical operations assistant are in the office on a daily basis and the office is the permanent base for GCI’s Director of Healthcare Services when she is not traveling to GCI contract sites around the country.

The Conference Room in the new GCI San Antonio office is large and comfortable and plans are for it to accommodate training sessions in the future.