Global Consulting International, Inc. Named Utah Patriot Partner

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January 13, 2014
ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1 Announcement
December 3, 2015

Salt Lake City, UT – Global Consulting International, Inc. (GCI) is honored to be named a Utah Patriot Partner by the state of Utah through the Utah Patriot Partnership Program. The Utah Patriot Partnership program distinguishes companies who support Utah Veterans through job opportunities.

The Utah Patriot Partnership was established by Governor Herbert and the Utah Department of Workforce Services in 2011.

“The training and experience of our country’s service men and women have made them excellent additions to our company,” said Sandeep Sharma. “We value our veterans and the sacrifices they have made for our country.”

Over the last year, GCI has hired more than 28% veterans. GCI is proud to support Veterans in Utah and around the world.

For more information, please contact

Jenny Magdiel
270 East 100 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84111